Plastic waste plantenpot

Een uitvinding voor plastic hergebruik

Great inventions can start with anyone – Boyan Slat proved this years ago when he started The Ocean Clean-Up. This TU-Delft student discovered 8 million tons of plastic gets in the ocean on a yearly basis, comparing to a garbage truck a minute, and decided he wanted to do something about this.

Dave Hakkens, another TU-Delft student designer, gained attention with 21 million views on his video about putting together your own mobile phone with clever sustainable particles (Phonebloks). Today, he is building a machine to recycle plastic, called Precious Plastic. And so can you.

So what is Precious Plastic?

Precious Plastic is a project designed to create machines to recycle plastic waste. End purpose: collect plastic waste and create something new and sustainable, with the helps of a homemade machine. Additionally, prevent plastic waste further polluting our oceans.


This new method of creating something out of plastic waste is one we can all apply with very little knowledge of machinery. Sharing this method opens the possibility for people to join forces into reducing plastic waste, as long as we still have no permanent solution to the global issue.

What is it?

A Do It Yourself Recycle Machine which creates a new sustainable product from plastic waste.

How does it work?

As you can see in Dave his short instruction video, he explains the parts you need to build this clever machine with household supplies. And more importantly – what you can create!

Reducing plastic waste pouring into nature

The important problem both Dave and Boyat point out with these creations, is the problem being more clear then ever: too much waste is produced, too little is recycled and too much is kicking our earth off balance by destroying it.

The ugly truth – only 14% of worldwide plastic is waste is being collected. The rest of it? It dissappears into nature.

This is why current research is mostly set out for new techniques to make superpolymeres environmental friendly and better recycable than past generations. Until then, we have cool people such as Dave with projects that need all of our help.

Do you feel like saving the world, but not finding the time, money or skill (*raises hand*) to build a machine yourself? Share the message.

Precious Plastic plan

Everyone knows someone (pay it forward, right?), so who knows where your message could be picked up, with someone who can fix this or help you out. Before you know it, you’ll be creating your own recycled waste, not a foot further away than your own doorstep.

Helping the world out starts with babysteps and God knows, my feet are tiny.

“Let people in every corner of the world know they can start their own local plastic workshop.”

Want to know more about Dave and Precious Plastic?
Read about it here.

Go planet, you got this.