I quit! What now?

‘But what if..?’┬áIt kept haunting my mind, and now I put action to word: today, I’m starting on my own business.

Over three years of extensive learning all there is to know about social media at an agency, 24/7 and 7 days a week, have made me decide to gather this knowledge and start on my own projects. At our social agency Social Embassy & Isobar, where passion and ambition are encouraged and stimulated with incredibly talented and creative coworkers, this was a jumping board to thrive towards even more. And I’m incredibly excited about that!

What else I’ll be doing? Starting this October, I am available as freelance social media manager, copywriter and content editor. Build an online community or in need of social content? I’m your guy. Need support writing and sharint your message in storytelling and writing? Two thumbs are pointing this way. Feel free to browse around the blog to get a feel for the type of writing. So need anything? Let’s get in touch!

What I enjoy most is any type of creative environment and the infinite possibilities to work together on something great. No matter how scary to be on my own, I have complete faith it is better to choose for whatever motivates and makes you happy. And I’m looking forward to help you with that!