Hi! Ik ben Marije.

Is convinced a sustainable lifestyle is easier than it may seem. What started out as picking up a few plastic bottles off of the street, expanded into a sustainable lifestyle. One that needs constant maintanance, which is exactly why I’m writing about it.

– Learning how to deal with plasticĀ –

On my blog I’m mostly occupied with sustainable alternatives for plastic. Some of my friends refer to me as “The Plastic Police”, which I understand sometimes – even though it’s about a whole lot more then trying to get rid of plastic in my life.

It started for me when I read the story of Anne; she walked the streets of The Netherlands barefoot, to make a statement about picking up litter. I started questioning if litter was still such a problem – did I just never notice before?

This is why I started picking up bits of litter on my commute to work. Along the years, I learned more about the problematic situation of litter ending up in the ocean and plastic playing a major role in that part.

– Now and furtherĀ –

I’m currently writing about all the sustainable solutions I come across every day, trying to collect all the tools you can use towards a sustainable and plastic-free lifestyle. As a freelance copywriter I try to work together with mostly sustainable start-ups, initiatives and companies.

Hope you will find some inspiration on the blog!

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